Geena Carminucci

I wanted to share this amazing pic from Geena. It has that old Hollywood vintage feel of beautiful women, pearls, smoke and I just love the soft tones and the light. Really amazing picture! The look on their faces and the red lips, all complete the package.

93% stardust, with souls made of flames.

If I could ever make a pic like this I’d die a happy woman!


There is a lot I can say about this pic, Loverdag is absolutely very talented. Her pics have that special atmosphere that keeps me in awe a lot of the time…

This one makes you longing for long road trips with a loved one, your hair in the wind, sunshine on your face and music blasting from your radio!

Absolutely nothing 22 miles

Highlighted Artist Stellagraphics

Carrie Stella Mahogany aka Stellagraphics

I have always admired the photographic style of Carrie but there is one photograph in particular that I think is really amazing:

[...she loved the sound of his name so much, she chose to wear it too]

The colours, the shadows,  the scene, the angle, the soft tones, everything works perfect to create a romantic picture that amazes.



This couple picture is a brilliant example how real she can make an avi look and bring emotion into it. The dark tones, the tats, it’s a complete package.

Go see her stream and enjoy!



Highlighted Artist Downboy


Marc Jersey aka Downboy

One of the artists who touched me is Marc, his pictures shows emotions and everyone who knows me, knows that for me art is about emotion. A picture can easily bring me into tears and Marc has done that.

Many of his pics have a special atmosphere, you may call it moodyness that drags you into the picture and makes you wonder who is the person behind this. Marc is one of the artists that I would love to exhibit one day.


Marc’s Flickr


Inara Pey (living in a modem world)


Before I openend the Gallery, my work was exhibited at Holy Kai Park. Inara was so kindly to give me that chance. She’s been very supportive during the time I opened my Gallery and writes a review on her blog every month. I have learned a lot from her and appreciate it highly! So she deserves a prominent spot here 🙂

This is what she wrote about me:

About Sorcha

I confess – much to my shame – to not having encountered Sorcha’s work until Skinnynilla pointed me in the direction of her Flickr stream. I’m glad he did.

There is a deep, personal richness to Sorcha’s work which is almost overwhelming. She regards SL photography as perhaps her biggest addiction in Second Life, and looking at her work, one can not only see why, but also catch a glimpse of Sorcha herself. Her images gracefully combine landscapes with personal studies, producing a range of art that is bewitching in its breadth and intimate in its depth.


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